Duck Life 3

The new version of the popular Duck Life series; Duck Life 3 offers a whole new game of excitement with your all-time favorite ducks. But the ducks are not the same, this time they have been genetically modified. They are now ready to get trained and determined to win championship with all their strength.

The game allows you to choose from its four different genetically modified ducks. The athletic duck skills in running and swimming while the strength duck can show you extraordinary climbing skills. The swimming duck can cross lakes in no time and flying duck can take flying to a new level. The type of duck you choose will be greatly responsible for your victory in the race. But there is nothing to worry, the game provide enough time for training. You can train your duck until it is ready for the race. Be sure to feed your ducks with super seeds.
The overall gameplay of the Duck Life 3 is pretty exciting. The training phase is a little time consuming but it will challenge you to raise your skills. Uplifting your skills is quite important as you can’t dream of winning finals if your duck can’t even qualify initial rounds. The championship race is the toughest one, where you will have to compete against the best ducks in the league.
Like other games you don’t need to remember a lot of in-game controls. But one thing is to be kept in mind; you can’t control your duck in the competition. The performance of your duck will be decided by its ability to swim, run, fly or climb.
This flash game has been developed by Wix Games and is a thrilling sport racing game, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Even if you are not quite found of racing games then also you will not be able to resist its cute characters and adorable sound effects.